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From the FOREWORD - by Sheree Fitch, acclaimed children’s author

“Everyone is connected---- that's what Hailey's story has taught me all over again. There is always time to care and tell a story and celebrate and dream.  There is time enough to love one another and find courage. Triumph in being able to laugh in the midst of pain.”

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In the year following the diagnosis of Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), the Fitzgerald family set the standard for how to make the most out of life and not to dwell on the disease staking claim on their daughter's life. Hailey’s dreams were listed and posted to the foundation website set up in her name. Family, friends and the community were eager to make things happen expeditiously. Their stories will astonish you and young Hailey will steal your heart as you learn about her dreams.

These books have been written by Beth Craig and Lauren Craig, aunt and cousin respectively to Hailey's father, as a tribute to all who made a difference and continue to contribute to a means of coping for the Fitzgerald family. You will be moved and inspired.

The above illustrations have been done by artist and designer Emma FitzGerald (no known relation to Hailey). These and others appear in Princess Pinch Me.

This is an exclusive site for the sale of these books. All proceeds will be donated to Hailey's Dreams Foundation to support the long road still ahead of the Fitzgerald family.

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