Valentine Star Naming Gift February 02 2014

“Don’t you wish everyday could be Valentine’s Day, Hailey?” That was the sentiment expressed by a boy in Hailey’s grade two class on Valentine’s Day last year. Valentine’s creates a perfect opportunity for such bursts of enthusiasm and expressions from the heart.

The Valentine Star Naming contest offers a chance to create an extraordinary gesture from, or should I say for, your heart of hearts. At the same time, you can connect with the beautiful gestures expressed by many other kind souls to grant Hailey her wish to have a star named after her.

The winner of the Star Contest will name a star after someone special to them in the same constellation as a star named after Hailey. You can check out the Catalog page to enter the contest or simply purchase one of the Hailey’s Dreams Princess Books before Feb. 14, 2014. If the number of entries skyrockets, we’ll add a second draw on Valentine’s Day!

The prize comes with a personalized Valentine card and certificate with the star coordinates, along with a revolving star chart.

To have a star named after me was one of the dreams Hailey listed as a wish to come true during her lifetime. It was such a precious idea that two groups independently went ahead to make it come true for her.

We were so moved by the heartfelt initiatives that we worked it into the ending of Princess Pinch Me. You can also read about Valentine’s Day with Hailey and fictional character, Elisabeth, at school. We took some inspiration from the young boy in Hailey’s actual school who was so enthused about the Valentine’s celebration. We also added some antics from another fictional character, Jeremy. The Princess of Freddy Beach reveals the background that inspired Jeremy’s character.

Thanks for your interest in Hailey and for sharing her dreams. If you would like to share this Valentine Star contest with others special to you, please pass on this flyer: All proceeds go to the Hailey's Dreams foundation

Here’s an excerpt from Princess Pinch Me:

Valentine’s was different, because we had a special lunch. Some of our mothers came into the classroom with dishes of food and lots of cookies and decorated cupcakes.

Hailey and I went to her Nana’s house the week before to make Valentine cards to have ready for all the kids in our class. She has a room in her house that is just for making cards.

It’s full of special stamps, cut-out shapes, rows of ribbons, and more colours of paper than there are in a rainbow.

I helped Hailey hand out her cards. She had started using a wheelchair at school after she had come back from Florida. It was easy to push.

“Here comes the Valentine express,” I said as we started our spin around the classroom.

“Special delivery,” I said to the first boy on our route. He was one of our friends who always picked Hailey in gym class when we played in teams.

“Don’t you wish every day was Valentine’s Day, Hailey?” he said when he took his card and handed her one.

When we came to Jeremy we were ready with a joke. The card Hailey made had a cupcake shape glued onto it with candy shapes that spelled H-A-P-P-Y in front of the word Valentine’s. Inside it said, May all your candy wishes come true on Valentine’s Day.

“What do you have for lunch today, Jeremy?” I asked him.

“Bah!” he said.

Then Hailey handed him the card she’d made. “Got any cupcakes?”

“Pff!” he said. “Got any raisin cookies, Hailey?” He answered back with a question and handed her a cookie tied with a pink ribbon and a small heart-shaped card attached.

“Hardy-har-har!” she said, laughing.