VOTE Daily for Hailey - to win a VAN April 25 2014

We have an exciting opportunity to help Hailey win a specialized van to help her get around. We will need many thousands of votes so please spread this message to as many friends as possible. Each of us can vote every day until May 9.

What preceded this broad smile on Hailey's face and gleeful moment shared with her brother was a challenge by her parents to transfer Hailey from her wheelchair, a clunky struggle to fold the chair and then lift their daughter in and out of the family vehicle without bumping anyone's head in the process.

Imagine the difference it would make with the automation of motorized access to a van without a physical strain. Imagine further if it was as simple as you and me and all of our friends voting for Hailey in an online contest to fix this one challenge for the Fitzgerald family. Are you in?!  

1. Get started: click the link --->

2. Set-up your user name

3. Get your password from an automated email

4. Login with the assigned email

5. Place your vote

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 DAILY