Lessons of Compassion and Inclusion from Kids October 04 2014

Call me sentimental or a weepy fool but...this video gets me every time I watch it. I am so moved by the compassion that other children continue to show toward Hailey. There are oodles of examples of the kindness of children in the Hailey's Dreams Princess Books. This video is another outstanding example that took me by surprised, with nothing to guard my emotions.

The song Dream On Hailey was written by the music teacher at Park Street school in Fredericton. It is not the school where Hailey goes, as you might think. The fact that Hailey is not even a student there makes the act that much more kind in my view. You can tell these children had fun singing to Hailey. It didn’t matter whether they all knew her. They were not confined by the circle of a school connection to show compassion for another peer. These kids were open to thoughtfulness and well wishes that ran deep with Hailey and her family.

Scroll passed the video for a note about other community kindnesses shown toward Hailey.

Dream On Hailey video link

Position of Influence

Teachers, coaches and parents naturally play an important role in demonstrating how to show compassion and find ways to include everyone in activities and events.

Last summer when Hailey had reached the point of being confined to a wheelchair, her parents still took her to soccer – to participate! Her teammates welcomed her and the coach let Hailey pick the name for the team. One of the activities on her list of 32 dreams was “to play soccer”. Her family and friends were not about to deny her that dream.


Hailey loves animals. This summer Hailey attended the SPCA animal camp for the third year in a row. They welcome her with open arms every time goes. Hailey's laughter and smiles are her voice now that she is not able to speak. This face speaks a thousand words.


We would love to hear any ideas you have on how to share Hailey’s story e.g., gifting Hailey’s Dreams Princess Books to someone or donating a set of the books to a school library?

This link can be passed to your friends to preview the first few chapters of each book and to help spread the word about Hailey’s Dreams. Sneak Peek

We are grateful for every book sold and every kindness shown toward Hailey and her family. Thank you and sweet dreams!