About Us

Princess Pinch Me and The Princess of Freddy Beach have been written by Beth Craig and her daughter, Lauren Craig. Beth is a sister to Hailey's grandmother. Writing and publishing these books has been a labour of love that has proven to be very rewarding.

Check out this SNEAK PEEK link to read the first two chapters of each book for free.

This SNEAK PEEK publication also includes:
  • an author video

  • book trailers

  • book reviews

  • MLD support information

  • partner appreciation

  • photos of Hailey

Sheree Fitch, an award-winning children's author, encouraged and guided us through the publishing exercise.

You can read her foreword in the books released on December 14, 2013.

Many others have supported the production of this book by agreeing to do interviews and contributing their photographs of Hailey to be included in The Princess of Freddy Beach. Others supporting the process of producing both books include:

      • Editor, Penelope Jackson

      • Designer, Agnes Koller

      • Illustrator, Emma FitzGerald

We have elected to self-publish these books in an effort to save time and money. For that reason, these books are not available on any other websites. Sales and marketing support have been provided by BeNovel Inc., founded by Beth Craig. All proceeds from the sale of the books will be donated to the Hailey's Dream Foundation.

CONTACT US: HaileysDreams@BeNovel.ca