The Princess Book Set


This book set includes two books, Princess Pinch Me and The Princess of Freddy Beach, as complements in the telling the true story of seven-year-old Hailey Fitzgerald who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called MLD that will eventually take her life. Both versions reveal the strength of Hailey’s parents and family to ensure Hailey’s life is filled with experiences and adventures that bring her joy. The people from the community where Hailey lives mirror the kind and generous hearts of her parents in the way they support her dreams.

Both books cover a collection of amazing stories of how a so many contributed to make Hailey’s dreams come true and how they raise the spirits of her family. Princess Pinch Me isolates the joyful stories from a child’s perspective, with a focus on true friendship, and without introducing the fact of the terminal nature of MLD. The Princess of Freddy Beach is a behind the scenes account of all that has taken place and also addresses specifics about the symptoms of MLD that parents reading the story may not want to expose their own children too. It is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming to read.

All proceeds of the sale of these books are donated to Hailey’s Dreams Foundation.